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A number of Talks are now booked, each will last about 30 mins followed by a Q&A


All meetings will start at 7pm and a link will be sent out the day before the meeting.


Hopefully talks will be one a month after that. (Lots more in the pipeline)

You MUST be a CSS member to attend.


A simple email with your membership number or name/address to Sheena Baylis ( ) will get you added to the list.


New CSS members welcome, just £10 per annum (a bargain!)

Holman Stephens, the early years as a professional railway engineer (David Powell) on 16 June

Maidstone Road – Homage to the Colonel (Les Darbyshire) 14 July

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Tom Burnham

"Steam on the road – Stephens and the Pedrail”.  In addition to light railways, mechanical road transport was advocated in the 1890s as a solution to the rural transport problem.  H. F. Stephens was at one time Assistant Managing Director of the memorably named Diplock’s Patent Traction Engine Haulage Syndicate Ltd.

Thursday Aug 12th 7pm

Les Darbyshire

"Multum in Parvo -

Rails in the Isle of Man"

Thurday 9th Sep 2021 7pm

David Penn

Change at Robertsbridge; The Rother Valley (Light) Railway Company (1897 – 1904; its directors, promoters and investors

Thursday 14 October 2021

George Falkner

Rise, Wobble and Fall of the Commercial Light Railway

'It's Just a Passing Fad' takes us on a journey of 150 years of light railway history, to demonstrate the trends and fads that made up this movement, how different eras gave rise to different types of railway and how time always had the last word

(This talk is 90 minutes long)

Thursday 11 November 2021

Chris Jackson

CSS on the road – Members’ Weekends and other trips

Thursday 9 December 2021